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The NHS Choices website has specific information for the South Asian community on diet, health and lifestyle.

This organisation has various information to create a sustainable health and care economy that supports people to be healthy, well and independent.

A number of information leaflets have been developed to explain about a range of common well-being issues. The leaflets explain what the condition is, what the causes could be and what symptoms or signs are associated with it. You can download them here for free. Also available in eight different languages

This organisation has information in over 20 different languages, covering areas such as depression, anxiety, phobias, cognitive behavioural therapy and sleeping advice.

The Eatwell plate is a policy tool that defines the Governments recommendations on healthy diets. It makes healthy eating easier to understand by giving a visual representation of the types and proportions of foods needed for a healthy and well balanced diet.

A simple guide to stressing less and enjoying life more, contains some practical ways for you to start dealing with stress right now and to stop it building up in future.

32 page booklet it is designed to sit easily in different settings; mosques, community centres or GP surgeries. By outlining emotional and mental health needs in an Islamic context, it also supports health and social care professionals to work more effectively with Muslims and Muslim communities.

Health and Wellbeing Services Directory for the South Asian in Bradford

Community Centres

    • Bangladeshi Community Association Bradford (BCAB)

Aims to promote economic & community development and to create an environment where people are able to live, work and play in harmony. BCA Bradford will play an active role in the development of Bangladeshi communities in Bradford 3. We provide advice services, translation & immigration advice, elderly drop-in/luncheon provision, computer classes, youth development activities. 
Address: Ventnor Hall, Ventnor Street, Bradford, BD3 9JP. Tel: 01274 747265

    • Anand Milan Centre

Day care activities for elderly people. Activities include light exercise classes, advice, meeting place, hot meal provision, outings, meeting other community groups at 2 venues. 
Contact: Mr B Mistry, Chairperson on 01274 815294. Venues are: 
1. St. Wilfred Church, St.Wilfred Road, Bradford. BD7 2LU 
2. Clayton Methodist Church, Clayton Lane, Bradford. BD14 6PA.

    • Attock Community Association

The main focus of our work is on: Education, training, skills development, health, employment, environment and social issues. Raising awareness of the special and cultural needs of BME communities in Bradford. Promotion of inclusiveness and cohesion between different communities. 
Contact: Chichester House, 10 Melbourne Place, Bradford, BD5 0JA. Tel: 01274 412444. 

    • Grange Interlink

Provides sport and recreation facilities, community welfare services, male and female development facilities, training and meeting rooms, community hall hiring facilities, conference and function room hire, fitness and IT suites. 
Contact: Summerville Road, Bradford, West Yorkshire BD7 1PX. Tel: 01274 726612.

    • Khidmat Centre

Seated exercise classes Monday and Tuesday 2pm-3pm. Day trips in summer, drop-in, benefits advice, employment advice information. 
Contact: 01274 521792, 36 Spencer Road, Bradford, BD7 2EU.

    • Muslim Association of Bradford: Elderly Day Centre

Address: 24 Howard Street, Bradford, BD5 0BP. Tel: 01274 740274

    • Sangat Centre

To empower the Asian community utilising the skills and talents of local people. Provides social day care for Asian adults, health awareness programme, educational classes and study support. Also provides advice on welfare benefits, immigration, employment rights and disabilities benefits; please make an appointment for these advice sessions. Meet at the Sangat Centre Monday -Friday 10am-4pm. Study support/ homework club every Saturday from 11am to 1pm. Also runs seated exercise classes 
Address: Marlborough Street, KEIGHLEY, BD21 3HU. 
Tel: 01535 610263 / 691413

    • BradNet

Seeks to empower and enable disabled people to lead their chosen lifestyle by providing appropriate services such as: person-centred outreach and advocacy, one-to-one support and welfare rights advice, help in education and employment, Independent Living Service. 
Address: Bradnet Noor House, 11 Bradford Lane, Laisterdyke, Bradford, BD3 8LP. 
Tel: 01274 224444.

    • Dementia - Meri Yaadain

A Social Services (Adult Social Care) led initiative in partnership with Bradford and Airedale Teaching Primary Care Trust, Age Concern Bradford and Alzheimer’s Society Bradford. The team consists of a manager and two part-time staff who undertake a wide range of activities to reach out to and engage with older people who have dementia and their carer’s and families who need educating about the condition as well as the services available to help them. 
Address: Meri Yaadain Dementia Project, 214 Lumb Lane, Bradford, BD8 7SG. 
Tel: 01274 435190 or 01274 435 194.

    • Diabetes UK

Have a variety of information leaflets in over 20 languages - 
Diabetes and fasting/Ramadan - 
Healthy eating and diabetes -

    • Domestic Abuse – Oasis BME Domestic Abuse Service

Oasis offers safe, temporary, independent refuge-based and community-based accommodation for black/Asian/dual heritage women with children fleeing domestic violence or family abuse. We have eight dispersed properties in the Bradford area and also have a refuge that accommodates up to 8 families. We also offer floating support for families who wish to remain in their own homes. 
Contact: Oasis Enquiries, PO Box 617, BRADFORD, BD2 4YN Phone: 01274 634850

    • Domestic Abuse – Staying Put

Staying Put supports women to stay in their own homes following domestic abuse as an alternative to hostel or refuge accommodation. Provides practical support including, panic alarms and lock changes. Access to children's services who do recovery work with children following domestic abuse and offering legal assistance about women's options + accompany women to court. Cultural support available for Asian women. Language support includes Urdu, Punjabi & Hindi. Access to perpetrator programme is available for abusive partners which aim to affect behaviour change. 
Contact: Mrs Yasmin Khan, PO Box 449, BRADFORD, BD1 2XB, Number: 01274 667104

    • Healthy Lifestyles Project

The Healthy Lifestyles Project has been in existence since 2008. We have three simple principles: 
Reduce Isolation, Increase Exercise and Improve Diet. We help people to choose healthier options through giving advice, support, guidance and a range of activities including cook and eats, exercise, befriending and food growing. We also help develop smaller groups to deliver their own health initiatives 
Contact: Kammy Siddique, Tel: 01274 768066,

    • Indian Workers Association

Runs an elderly day care centre with help from Bradford Council and the Social Services. Meals to elderly members are provided twice a week, facilities for light exercise are available, also newspapers, magazines, books and TV for their entertainment. Centre is open 6 days a week 12-6pm Membership open to over 50s. 
Contact address: 1208-1210 Leeds Road, BRADFORD, BD3 8LJ, Tel: 01274 664652

    • Mental Health – Naye Subah (New Dawn) Project

The Naye Subah (or New Dawn) Project addresses the needs of Asian women experiencing mental health difficulties and their families and carers, living in the Bradford Metropolitan District. We aim to offer a range of groups including: Therapeutic, support and drop-in groups, Supported activity-based workshops, such as textiles, woodwork, painting, etc., Advice sessions, Emotional support and counselling, Educational classes, such as ESOL, sewing, arts and crafts Aromatherapy and massage, Information, outreach and advocacy. 
Contact: Naye Subah Project, Quaker Meeting House, Russell Street, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD5 0JB. Tel: 01274 307639

    • Mental Health – ISIS Project

We are a small women only charity located in the Voluntary and Community Sector, based in Saltaire, Shipley – our service is for all women aged 18+ who are experiencing mental ill-health/distress. We cover the Bradford and Airedale district, and take referrals from a range of health and social care organisations. Women cannot currently self-refer. We provide a time limited intervention (12 months) in order to promote recovery and independence. Groups such as Confidence Building, Assertiveness Training, Creative Groups, Exercise, Cook and Eat. Health Trainer appointments Signposting to other appropriate services, Summer Activities for Women and Children 
Contact: The Isis Project for Women and Children Ltd, Crown Buildings, John Street, Shipley, BD18 3HU. Phone 01274 532858

    • Mental Health – Roshni Ghar

We run seven support groups for women from the BME community who suffer from mild to moderate and severe and enduring mental illness. We support women and girls of all ages, starting from the ages of 12yrs. As well as this; we offer one to one drop in support; form filling, support in partnership in Citizen Advice Bureau; carers support group, English classes; and are currently working to develope a domestic violence support group. Examples of activities include trips, arts & crafts, cooking and group discussion and aromatherapy. 
Contact: Najma Hussain, Social Inclusion Worker, 13 Scott Street, KEIGHLEY, BD21 2JH. Tel: 01535 691758.

    • Mental Health – Sharing Voices Bradford

Sharing Voices is a community mental health project. The project focused on engaging people with mental health issues from black and minority ethnic communities (BME) in articulating their perceptions and experiences of barriers to accessing employment and training. Sharing Voices (Bradford) have empowered individuals to establish self-help groups, increasing their social role and giving them a voice to say what they want and help others in similar situations. 
Address: Clifton House, Clifton Villas, BD8 7BY. Tel: 01274 731166.

    • Mental Health – South Asian Women’s Health Awareness Association (SAWHA)

Create mild/moderate mental health awareness for South Asian women and girls in Bradford, thus building confidence, self-esteem and improving quality of life We aim to offer support and social gathering, awareness around mild/moderate mental health illnesses, to use various techniques to combat mental health illnesses, emotional support and many more activities. Referrals: self-refer, by health professionals, voluntary organisations, social services, schools Groups aimed at: South Asian women and girls (14+) in the Bradford district 
Address: 17-21 Chapel Street, Little Germany, Bradford, BD1 5DT. Tel: 01274 721540.

    • Mental Health - Highfield Women’s Group (HWG)

We have established ourselves to provide opportunities for recreation, educational and social activities for Asian ladies suffering from mental health issues. The focus is on the 40 years plus age group 
Contact: Highfield All Saints Church, Highfield Lane, Keighley, BD21 2DH

    • Multiple Sclerosis – Asian MS Group

We aim to raise awareness and dispel ignorance of MS in the Asian community, put fun and dignity back into the lives of Asians with MS and their careers, raise money for people affected by MS from the Asian community. We also: provide a telephone support service for Asians with MS, their carers, friends and family, produce online and printed information in different languages, offer an interpreting service, run the 'Asian MS' forum. 

    • United Sikh Association

Drop in centre. Diabetes surgery, talks about dementia, organise day trips, regular walking and healthy lifestyle classes as well as some intergenerational work to break down barriers. 
Contact: 4 Ventnor Street, Bradford, BD3 8JZ Tel: 01274 740225.

    • Visually Impaired Sahara Group

Provides advice, support and other assistance to Asian mothers/carers of visually impaired children. The group meets once per month at Womenzone, Hubert Street. It aims to build confidence and empower carers to be able to seek advice and put their views across to professionals involved in their children’s education, health etc. The group also provides an Arabic/Urdu Braille Club for visually impaired children 4 times per week where children learn Arabic braille, culture and mother tongue. 
Contact: Kulsoom Akhtar, 292 Rooley Lane, Bradford, BD5 8LB. Tel: 07717002369

    • Women’s – Women Zone

Women Zone Community Centre enables women to: improve health and well-being, increase training and employment opportunities for improved economic conditions, raise self-confidence, self-esteem and social interaction skills, improve citizenship and social inclusion, support the development of positive, safe and stable circumstances and relationships, improve safety and well-being of their children, Women Zone Community Centre works to provide specialist women’s and children’s services and any woman can join us to support our work with women and children, in order to make a difference to their lives and well-being. Centre Facilities and Activities: Gym, Steam Room & Exercise Classes Computer & ICT Suite, Rooms for Hire, Education Classes, Creche and Health Events 
Contact: Womenzone, 19-21 Hubert Street, Bradford, BD3 9TE. Tel: 01274 665270 
Website: E-mail:

    • Women's – MILAN Group

Women's Voluntary Group activities: Monday 1.00 - 3.00pm - Social group and exercise class Thursday 1.00 - 3.00pm - Mother and toddler group Some examples of other activities are: Jewellery making, silk painting, summer trips, aromatherapy & beauty sessions, poetry readings, cultural events celebrations, social activities, exercise classes, weight watching sessions 
Address: The Mayfield Centre, Broadway off Manchester Road, Bradford, BD5 9NP. Tel: 01274 227580

    • Women's – MILLAN Centre

Millan Centre is for women, girls and children living in Manningham and Heaton area of Bradford. The Centre runs various Adult Education courses such as ESOL, Mehndi, Sewing, Basic Literacy and Numeracy and IT. They run The Millan Centre's Over 50s Group has been running for about 15 years. It is the most successfully run group with up to 30 women attending each session. The group now runs a four hour session per week on a Wednesday. The session includes a exercise class and the ladies participate in various activities such as knitting, arts & crafts & safety sessions. 
Address: Victor Street, Bradford, BD9 4RA. Tel: 01274 480691.

    • Women's - Humdaard

Asian support group for women from all communities with young children. Group also includes Bereaved Asian Families and also Shahida Hair and Beauty Salon, which provides self-care beauty therapies, body massage, Reiki, reflexology, relaxation techniques. Membership open. 
Contact: Ms Shahida Akhtar, 94 Nab Wood Drive, SHIPLEY, BD18 4EW. Tel: 01274 482955

    • Womens – Pollard Park Asian Women Centre

Women only activities e.g. visiting local areas of interest, Museum, Library. Numeracy, Literacy and Arabic classes for young children. Extracurricular activities for young children over weekend. 
Contact: Mrs N Mirza, 102-104 Boldshay Street, BRADFORD, BD3 0AJ, Number: 07787 618140

    • Zaheef Care

Activities will include speakers, organising outings, watching DVD's, taking part in mild exercise sessions/walks and other therapeutic activities such as knitting, arts & crafts. 
Contact: Zaheef Care, 243 Manningham Lane, Bradford, BD8 7ER. Tel: 01274 483267

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